Scramble Dance Project “The Shining Feet”
Odawara Sannomaru Hall Performance 2023

A new stage of Scramble Dance Project that creates dance beyond disabilities!
Featuring a dance company of the disabled from Korea, and Toshimi Watanabe as guests!

Japan-Korea Joint Triple Dance Performances & Talk

VIVADEAF Dance Art Company (Korea) “Pumbaa, Ya!”

Scramble Dance Project “The Shining Feet”

Toshimi Watanabe (TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET) and Scramble Dance
Collaboration Session “MUSIC&DANCE!”

[Date and Time]
Sunday, May 14, 2023
Performance starts at 4:00 p.m. (Doors open and reception at 3:30 p.m.)
Expected to end at 6:30 p.m.

Odawara Sannomaru Hall
Small Hall

◎Talk Event
“How do we create a society that can support the expression of people with disabilities – The situation in Japan and Korea”
Speakers: Hiroaki Nakatsugawa, Dai Matsuoka, Youngmook Choi (Light Sound Friends)

◎Dance Performances
1. VIVADEAF Dance Art Company (Korea) “Pumbaa, Ya!”
“Pumbaa” represents the energy that beggars express their dissatisfaction with life in Taryong (a traditional Korean ballad). A humorous and lively stage that portrays the lives of various people who gather at the Hwabak market while showcasing traditional Korean performing arts. The audience is also invited to participate at the end!
Choreography: Jinah Lee
Cast: Ga-young Kim, Young-min Kim, Jung-Hoon Kim, Jong-Hyun Kim, Serim Na, Do-Yeon Nam, Seung-Joo Yoon, Eun-Sung Lee, Seung-Ho Jung, Miri Kang, Jihee Min, Jinah Lee
Production support: Light Sound Friends
Interpreter: Yuta Sugihara

2.Scramble Dance Project “The Shining Feet”
Direction: Dai Matsuoka
Cast: Dai Matsuoka, Sayuri Iimori, Nanami Katayama, Yoko Izumi (INTEGRATED DANCE COMPANY KYO), Kanshi Kobayashi (INTEGRATED DANCE COMPANY KYO), and Scramble Dance Project members: Natsumi Adachi, Karin Abe, Saki Amano, Kohei Otsu, Daiki Okutsu, Nanoha Tabata, Masahiro Nomura, Kanta Hagiwara, Reona Hirai, Rika Futami, Yu Machidera, Kazuhiko Yamada, Tomohiro Yamada
Music: Naoyuki Takeda
Costume: Chiaki Nishikawa

3.Toshimi Watanabe × Scramble Dance “MUSIC & DANCE!”
Cast: Toshimi Watanabe and Scramble Dance Project members

[Peformance Ticket]
General: 3,000 yen
General Pair: 5,000 yen
Discount for people with disabilities: 2,000 yen
Discount for people with disabilities Pair: 3,000 yen
Under 18: 1,500 yen
Free for preschool children.

Support Scramble Dance by Watching Online!

For those who can’t come to see the performance, and those who support Scramble Dance’s activities!
Streaming Period: From 1st JUNE until 30th JUNE

◎Online Streaming Program
VIVADEAF Dance Art Company (Korea) “Pumbaa, Ya!”
Scramble Dance Project “The Shining Feet”
Talk Event
“How do we create a society that can support the expression of people with disabilities – The situation in Japan and Korea”

Price: 1,000 yen
*International Payment Available

[Online Streaming Ticket]

※Please note that the program below will NOT be streamed due to copyright reasons.
Toshimi Watanabe × Scramble Dance “MUSIC & DANCE!”

[Cast & Staff]
◎Talk Event
“How do we create a society that can support the expression of people with disabilities – The situation in Japan and Korea”

Hiroaki Nakatsugawa
artist and art director

The expression activity research institute, RASCO representative, and Art Director of Art de Vivre. He works on connecting society and art in various fields while engaging in creative activities as an artist. He conveys the importance and meaning of expressing oneself through barrier-free art studios, art workshops, lectures, and other activities. He serves as a director of art studios for people with disabilities, plans and produces exhibitions, curates, serves on selection committees, and performs various roles nationwide. He is a board member of the NPO Able Art Japan, the social welfare corporation Art de Vivre, and the general incorporated association Get in touch.

Dai Matsuoka
Butoh Dancer / LAND FES representative

Matsuoka is the organizer of “LAND FES”, where people can enjoy performances by dancers and musicians while walking through the streets. He has been a member of the butoh company Sankai Juku as a dancer since 2005 and has appeared in major works such as “Kinkan Shonen,” “Tobari,” “Ran Netsu,” and “ARC.” In 2021, he served as a curator for “Tokyo Real Underground,” a part of Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL SPECIAL 13. He has also collaborated with many overseas artists, including appearing in New York’s theater company “Phantom Limb Company.”

Youngmook Choi
Light Sound Friends CEO

Light Sound Friends was established in order to support the disabled to become aware of their own value and dignity, and to speak up for their cultural right in  order, thus, to provide them a new opportunity, instead of any  prejudice.
Vision: Light Sound Friends aims to be a reliable art partner of the disabled, providing a tangible/intangible infrastructure in order to support the  disabled to live happy lives, as a part of the society, while  guaranteed their individuality and cultural right.
Mission: Light Sound Friends’ mission is to build the world, where the disable and the nondisabled can enjoy various art and cultural activities together  without any prejudice or discrimination. 

◎VIVADEAF Dance Art Company『Pumbaa, Ya!』Cast

VIVADEAF Dance Art Company

VIVADEAF Dance Art Company that introduces deaf performance arts was established in August 2005, consisting of people with hearing impairments. The purpose is to spread awareness about sign language and deaf culture to non-disabled audiences, and to develop the artistic abilities and talents of the deaf, who cannot hear each other without looking at each other or without expressing their own language with their fingertips, and share hope and positive energy with them through the artistic expression of dance. 

◎Scramble Dance Project “The Shining Feet” Cast

Sayuri Iimori

Iimori belongs to the contemporary dance company “Co. Yamada-un” and has appeared in works by numerous directors, including Ruri Mito, Shintaro Hirahara, Akira Shirai, Tomoko Mukaiyama, and Noboru Yasuda. She also works in various fields, such as back dancers for artists, live stage performances, choreography for music videos. She appeared in the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympics. In 2018, She formed the dance unit “Atachitachi” with Yuki Nishiyama. In 2019, they held their first solo performance and have been participating in art events such as “Sense island – Art island in the darkness”. In recent years, she has obtained a certification in breathing techniques and also conduct regular workshops.

Nanami Katayama

Katayama started studying classical ballet at the age of 4. She graduated from the Department of Visual Body Studies at Rikkyo University. While still a student, she joined the dance company Noism and performed in various theater festivals both domestically and internationally. Afterwards, she joined BATIK led by Ikuyo Kuroda, which specializes in extreme and dynamic choreography that pushes the body to its limits. She has also appeared in stage and video productions by choreographers and directors in various genres, including ballet and contemporary dance. She appeared in the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Currently, her curiosity towards the body has led her to study acupuncture and massage. She is exploring dance that can be with people of all ages, from infants to the elderly, regardless of whether they have disabilities or not, and support their daily lives.

Scramble Dance Project

Scramble Dance Project(SDP) started in 2016 in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The project was launched under the theme of “Let’s Enjoy Together Regardless of Whether You Have Disabilities or Not” with dance artist Dai Matsuoka, who is a member of the Sankaijuku. Since then, the project has steadily developed, and it has presented works such as the video piece “Born Just Now” as part of the Kanagawa Prefecture Symbiosis and Co-creation Project, and the stage production “Metamorphose” as part of the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ promotion project for cultural and artistic activities by people with disabilities. SDP has also participated in various dance events such as “Connections – Various Cross-Exhibition” at the Odawara Sannomaru Hall and the KAAT Friendship Program.

◎Toshimi Watanabe × Scramble Dance “MUSIC & DANCE!” Cast

Toshimi Watanabe

Born on December 6, 1966 in Kawachi Village, Fukushima Prefecture, and raised in Tomioka Town.
He is a member of TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET, where he plays guitar, sings, and produces sound. He is also active in his solo unit, THE ZOOT16. In September 2010, he formed the band Inawashirokozu with Takashi Yamaguchi (Sambomaster), Michihiko Yano (creative director), and Shinji Matsumoto (Bakuhorn), and recorded the charity song “I Love You & I Need You Fukushima” in March 2011 after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The song was performed at the 62nd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen.

He gained attention for the 461 bento lunches he made over three years for his high school-aged son, and published a book about the experience in 2014 called “461 Bento Are a Promise Between a Father and a Son.” In 2015, the book was adapted into a manga and a TV drama called “461 Thank-You’s: A Father’s Love, a Son’s Gratitude,” with music by TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET. He also made his acting debut in the movie “Papa no Obento wa Sekai Ichi,” released in 2017, where he played the lead role.


Produced by LAND FES
Co-produced by Social Welfare Corporation Art de Vivre
Funded by Kanagawa Prefecture Cultural Program MAGCUL
Sponsored by SWOON Co., Ltd.
Supported by Odawara City, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan Korean Cultural Center
Assisted by FM Odawara, VIVADEAF Dance Art Company, Light Sound Friends

Lighting: MOON LIGHT Co., Ltd.
Stage management: Atsushi Umezu
Sound JONA Co., Ltd.
Production: LAND FES, SWOON Co., Ltd.
Video filming: Takuya Isomura, NOTEA Co., Ltd.
Still photography: Masabumi Kimura