LAND FES aims to create a symbiotic culture through performing arts

LAND FES is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the performing arts and create a diverse society through projects that creatively combine the three axes of “performing arts,” “local community,” and “diversity.”

Creating a new scenery through performing arts

LAND FES started in 2011 as a walking performance event featuring live sessions by dancers and musicians. The event has been held in various cities including Kichijoji, Koenji, Numazu, and Atami, etc. For 5 years from 2014 to 2006, it took place in Sengawa as a concurrent event of “JAZZ ART Sengawa”.
Connected with these local communities, we intend to let the audience experience the potential of performing arts and create a new scenery that inspires people who don’t usually go to the theaters.

LAND FES vol.10 SUNDRUM and Sayuri Iimori

LAND FES vol.10 Yo Nakamura

Our various initiatives to promote diversity

LAND FES has been holding workshops for people with disabilities continuously since 2014, inviting a variety of artists as instructors in order to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to experience the performing arts. Since 2021, workshops have been held annually with dancers and general participants with diverse backgrounds to create video works “LAND FES DIVERSITY Fukagawa” in Fukagawa, Koto City. In 2022, we organized “DIVE IN SHIBAURA,” a joint performance by dancers with disabilities and world-renowned musicians. In cooperation with various communities, we are promoting inclusive projects in which everyone can be involved in a creative way, regardless of disability, age, or nationality.

Ottotto Workshop 2016 SUNDRUM

Ottotto Workshop 2016 Noboru Yasuda


DIVE IN SHIBAURA Koichi Makigami and Ryotaro Yahagi

Art for social inclusion to live and create together

The Scramble Dance Project, which started in 2016 under the concept of “let’s enjoy dance together regardless of with and without disabilities,” has also given a series of workshops and performances organized by LAND FES. In 2022, their stage work “Metamorphose” was presented at the KAAT(Kanagawa Arts Theater) Friendship Program. In 2023, the Scramble Dance Project was also invited to present “The Shining Feet” at the Korea International Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA) in South Korea.

Scramble Dance Project “Metamorphose”

Japan Korea joint inclusive dance performance

Scramble Dance Project “Rocks”

Digitization of dance to reach a global audience

LAND FES has produced and distributed several dance video works during the pandemic, including “LAND FES in SHIBAURA” and “LAND FES in ATAMI”. For Tokyo Tokyo FESTIVAL Special 13 “Tokyo Real Underground” organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, LAND FES was also in charge of video shooting, editing and online distribution of all the programs. In 2023, LAND FES released “TOKYO DANCE AR,” an app that combines dance and AR. Having challenged alternative ways to appreciate performing arts, LAND FES will continue to promote projects that combine dance and technology to expand the audience base and increase opportunities for dance artists to reach out to the world more.