New Adventure of Improvisation Music & Performing Arts in Tokyo!
Tour the town of Sengawa, and enjoy the live performances at LAND FES!

What is LAND FES?
While you walk around the local spots in Sengawa, where the festival “JAZZ ART” is taking place simultaneously, you can encounter the vibrant live performances of musicians and dancers!
Check out the footage from the previous event in Koenji to see what it looks like;
How to Enjoy LAND FES
Please come to the meeting venue and get a route map. Once it starts, performers will navigate you. Enjoy both the tour and the sessions of music and dance happening at each spot!
2014 Sep 6th(SAT)-7th(SUN)
Tour 1st
Sep 6th(SAT) 13:30 START

Koichi Makigami(Voice)×Dai Matsuoka(Butoh)
Miwa Okuno(Contemporary Dance)×Chiharu Charlie Kato(Piano)
Tomoko Fujiyoshi(Contemporary Dance)×Marcos Fernandes(Percussion)
*Performance order to be decided later
Tour 2nd
Sep 6th(SAT) 17:00 START

Mikiko Kawamura(Contemporary Dance)×Hiromichi Sakamoto(Cello)
Takayuki Kato(Guitar)×AAPA(Contemporary Dance)
Kenjirubien(Contemporary Dance)×Maki Hachiya(Voice)
*Performance order to be decided later
Tour 3rd
Sep 7th(SUN) 13:30 START

Hiromichi Sakamoto(Cello)×Kenjirubien(Contemporary Dance)
Yugo Tanaka(Sitar)×Tomoko Fujiyoshi(Contemporary Dance)
Toru Hasegawa(Contemporary Dance)×Maki Hachiya(Voice)×Keigo Iwami(Bass)
*Performance order to be decided later
Tour 4th
Sep 7th(SUN) 17:00 START

Miwa Okuno(Contemporary Dance)×Marcos Fernandes(Percussion)
Takahiro Tomatsu(Nikutai Hyogen)×Mamoru Hoshi(Cello)
Yasuchika Konnno(Contemporary Dance)×Chiharu Charlie Kato(Piano)
*Performance order to be decided later
Further information about performers is here.
Advance 2500YEN
Door 3000YEN
Ticket for 2 tours 4000YEN
Ticket for 3 tours and more 6000YEN
Please email with live date, name, and number of person.
Early booking is appreciated.
Meeting Venue:
Jenny’s Kitchen
1-3-31-3F Sengawa-cho Chofu Tokyo

より大きな地図で 関東その他 を表示
Production: LAND FES
Direction: Dai Matsuoka
Supported by: Sengawa Theater, Jenny’s Kitchen, niwa-coya
Here is info about JAZZ ART SENGAWA