LAND FES Vol.4 Koenji Tokyo



New Niche Event of Performing Arts in Tokyo!
Tour Koenji, and meet the music and dance at LAND FES!

What is LAND FES?
You can enjoy walking around the local spots in Koenji, one of the most popular towns in Tokyo, and encounter the vibrant live performances!
How to Enjoy LAND FES
Please come to the meeting venue and get a route map. Enjoy the walking and meet the live of music and dance taking place at each spot!
2014 April 10th(THU)-13th(SUN)
APR 10(THU) 18:30 START
Yuiko Masaoka(Contemporary Dance)×Koharu Yanagiya(Shamisen)
Sayuri Iimori(Contemporary Dance)×Kunihiro Izumi(Sax/Percussion)
Asahiko Takahara(10 string guitar)×Toru Iwashita(Butoh)
Sendagi Dance(Contemporary Dance)
APR 11(FRI) 18:30 START
Erina Kasai(South Indian dance)×Koichi Hakehara(Jew’s Harp)
Yuiko Masaoka(Contemporary Dance)×Kunihiro Izumi(Sax/Percussion)
Toru Iwashita(Butoh)×Koharu Yanagiya(Shamisen)
Yoichiro Kita(Jazz Trumpet)×Sayuri Iimori(Contemporary Dance)×Pearl Alexander(Contrabass)
APR 12(SAT) 17:00 START
Samm Benett(stick dulcimer&Sing)×Hiroshi Habu(Percussion)
Kunihiro Izumi(Sax/Percussion)×Toru Iwashita(Butoh)
AAPA(Contemporary Dance)×Mikka Mangetsu(Viola&Accordion)
Tokuhisa William(Voice)×Kenjirubien(Butoh)×Dai Matsuoka(Butoh)
APR 13(SUN) 17:00 START
Dai Matsuoka(Butoh)×Kunihiro Izumi(Sax/Percussion)
Ryusaku Ikezawa(Percussion)×Yuiko Masaoka(Contemporary Dance)
Kimiya Sato(Viola&Sing)×Maki Hachiya(Voice)×Tomoko Fujiyoshi(Contemporary Dance)
Further information about performers is here.
Participation Fee:
Advance 2500YEN
Door 3000YEN
2 Day Pass 4000YEN
Children Aged Under 15 Free
Please fill out Booking Form.
Or email with date, name, and number of person.
Early booking is appreciated.
Meeting Venue:
Bar Cocktail
3-8-13 Koenji-kita Suginami-ku, Tokyo

Production: LAND FES
Direction: Dai Matsuoka
Support: Koenji Kitanaka-Dori Syoeikai


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